Evo Gel System By Bio Sculpture

Bio Sculpture’s all new revolutionary fast lane colour overlay product line, Evo, has evolved from our industry leading Bio Sculpture UV Nail Care Technology and is 100% compatible with the original Bio Sculpture Gel nail system. Evo Gel system is made of Evo Oxygenating Base, Evo Color Gel (Range of 40 colors), and Evo Top Coat (Gloss or Matte)

Evo Oxygenating Gel – Designed to improve AIR permeability – the exchange of water vapour and oxygen to and from the NAIL BED, allowing the nail to ‘breathe’.

Evo has been designed from the ground up to provide the best combination of performance and safety. Free of organic solvents and the product contains no Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP or Camphor, strictly no animal testing and is 100% Vegan. EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE


1. OXYGENATING BASE Large gaps in the microscopic structure of the cured base allow water vapour and air permeation. H2O and O2 molecules migrate in and out, to and from the nail bed.

2. NAIL PLATE The natural nail is made up of dead protein skin cells called Keratin, which allows transmission of O2 and H2O molecules.

3. NAIL BED The skin underneath the nail is balanced by oxygen (O2) and moisture vapour (H2O).

A balance of Oxygen and Moisture Vapour is essential to keep Nails Healthy

When nails are covered by artificial product, they can be vulnerable to dehydration, bacterial and fungal infection. Keratin, which makes up the majority of the nail structure, allows the transmission of oxygen and water vapor to nourish the skin and kill anaerobic bacteria. Evo2 Oxygenating base is optimized to mimic this process by facilitating the exchange of oxygen and water vapour. Even though H20 is a larger molecule than O2, it is much smaller than the larger gaps in the cured gel's microscopic structure and allows water vapour molecules to migrate through the Gel.



Cures to a smooth finish that requires no surface refining.


Yields a strong, flexible end-result that prevents nail plate injury or damage.


Evo Gloss lasts up to three weeks.


Removes within 10 to 12 minutes without causing damage to the natural nail.

Medical Grade

Evo Base is a Medical Grade Formulation. ISO 10993-5

Vitamin A & E Infusion

Evo Base is infused with Vitamin E and A that will migrate to the nail surface after curing