Anti-Diversion Policy

Bio Sculpture Gel is an innovative nail product sold exclusively by Bio Sculpture appointed Distributors. If you purchase Bio Sculpture Gel from an unauthorized dealer, you are buying diverted and/or counterfeited products that are not protected by our warranty. These unauthorized dealers may be online, or they may even be your local pharmacy, supermarket or corner store. 
Products that are diverted may be damaged, expired, tampered-with, and/or unsafe. Diverted products may even be counterfeit, made with unknown ingredients that could adversely affect your health.Help Bio Sculpture fight diversion:

Do not purchase Bio Sculpture Gel from unauthorized dealers such as:

  • E-Bay
  • Discount Outlets
  • Retail Chains
  • Retail Websites
  • Auction Websites
  • Any other dealer that is not a Bio Sculpture appointed Distributor


Tell your family members and friends about the dangers and disadvantages of buying diverted, counterfeit, over priced and unauthorized products. Report potential diversion directly to Bio Sculpture.

If you notice Bio Sculpture Gel for sale outside of a professional salon or spa, or believe you may have purchased diverted or counterfeit product please contact us directly by e-mail to: or call +9714 3414820.

The information you provide to us will remain strictly confidential, and will be used for obtaining additional information as needed by Bio Sculpture, in order to fight diversion.

Any Registered Bio Sculpture Nail Technicians found to be selling gels onto a third party, will be black listed and no longer able to purchase products from Bio Sculpture Gel in future.