Training Overview

Bio Sculpture Gel is a complete nail care system protecting the natural nail and catering for each individual client's needs.

As a company, we pride ourselves in the amount of time and resources that are invested in product development.

Bio Sculpture Gel is a global market leader in gels, thus we want to ensure all Bio Sculpture Gel technicians are confident and consistent in using the Bio Sculpture Gel System to produce a high standard of work. As a gel company that is internationally known to have very high standards, we would like to see all of our clients succeed. Not just with our products but with your salon as well. That’s why we sell our Bio Sculpture Gel products directly to you. We do not supply to those who are not trained by registered Bio Sculpture Educators. Training classes are offered in small classroom settings with no more than eight students per class. The small class size enables our Bio Sculpture Educators to give every manicurist valuable and personal time. Bio Sculpture training classes don’t just have demonstrations; we provided our manicurists hands on training to allow a perfect application every time

Our training courses are designed to obtain the best quality of work from you through detailed explanations, product knowledge and practice. We want to ensure you will be confident in working with the Bio Sculpture Nail Care System in order for your clientele to grow due to their delight with their treatments.