The world’s 1st “no chip” colour gel!

Bio Sculpture Colour Gel is a flexible gel that enhances the natural nail, thus not only giving the nail added strength and firmness, but also “No Chip” nail colour that will last for weeks without lifting. When applied as an overlay, Bio Sculpture is thin, natural looking and will grow out or last until removed. Unlike nail polish, colour gel will last and stay beautiful for weeks without chipping or wearing away at the free edge.

Select from over 160 fashionable colour gels that cure within two minutes under a 9watt UV-A Lamp, all which can be used for a no chip manicure/pedicure or to create intricate nail art designs. Gels can also be used with glitters, gems and 3D designs.

Bio Sculpture polishes are non-toxic and is free of Toluene and Formaldehyde and DBP (dibutyl phthalate).Bio Sculpture Colour Gels are only for professional use.

Bio Sculpture Colour Gels are categorized in two series - E Range (a matching varnish for every colour) and A Range (no matching varnish).